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reflection post

After this period of learning and researching about my topic health care, I define myself as a growing thinker (at least on my way to become a thinker). I started to think about and analyzed things in more complex and various way. For example, before I start to search for materials about my topic, I’m confuse that why this topic needs to be discussed. Because in my opinion, the more Medicaid expanded, the more people will be benefited. Even more naïve, I didn’t know the debates and conflictions between Democrats and Republicans in this issue as an international student. In my opinion, health care is only an issue that needs doctors to discuss. After this period of researching, I can analyze one problem in different ways, using different aspect. I can see the whole issue more objectively by taking position in small business owner, young people, and poor people’s ways. However, I still can’t see problems in a perfectly comprehensive way.  Like when I notice the bad side of Obamacare on small business owners, I ignore those positive side because I just want to have some examples about how Obamacare hurts small business. However, after further research, I start to notice the benefit of Obamacare fro small business owners. I always notice other aspects on my way to research, isn’t that cool?

classmates blogs~

I want to introduce some of my classmates blogs to you because they are so interesting and help me a lot to understand controversial issues happened in North Carolina and United States.

First of all, I want to introduce, it is written about education systems in North Carolina and include some comparisons with other parts of America. It is very interested to look through the whole blog and see those deeper and deeper explanation of some terms and confusing words about education, like teacher assistants and school vouchers. Further more, the author’s mother is a teacher in North Carolina education system so she has a comprehensive way to look at this issue.

Secondly, if you want to know more about health care system in North Carolina, you can go ahead and see, different from me, she focus more on North Carolina and put many accurate statistical data in her blog to help us easily understand health care system in North Carolina.

If you want to know something about death penalty and Racial Justice Act, you can go to see , it is a very comprehensive introduction about death penalty and Racial Justice Act, including statistical data, governors response about Racial Justice act and her position. It helps me understand many unfamiliar part about death penalty. 

extended reading links this link offers an accomplished explanation of how Obamacare impacts large and small business. this link let me reconsider the relationship between small business and Obamacare and may also suitable for you to understand what Obamacare really do to small business. this link gives a detailed explanation of different health systems around the world which can help us compare with American’s health system. this link presents how local doctors think about medical expansion and health care reform. this link explains Obamacare in a more realistic way, pointing out several problems that doctors and government may face when having medicaid expansion. this link tells about disabled people and how they may choose Obamacare.

Implication post: what will happen in the future if this topic remains contentious?

Health care, as I said in the last post, is a contentious topic currently. Debates around this topic last for a long time but consistency seems never come. What will happen if this issue remains unresolved? Actually, it already had bad effect to the society because of government shutdown. A shutdown happens when “funding gap” exists, which, specifically in this time, was mostly created by the confliction in Obamacare. The impact of government shutdown is not just that we can’t go to see the national park or some museums in Washington, it really have serious effect on our daily life. Government shut down will cause millions of federal government employees lose salaries they deserve, and it will even be more serious to those poor people and families.

Beside government shutdown, other potentials negative effects are also hard to ignore. It will cause more distrust between people and their state government,  even the federal government. In fact, some organization had already started to strike in order to force the government reconsider Obamacare. As I linked in the last post, young people now didn’t want sign up to the Obamacare. However, the main process in Obamacare is that it will cover more young people (who are averagely more healthier) to pay more to help poor people who are in seriously ill. Consequently, if the contentious topic goes on and those people who play an important role in Obamacare didn’t sign up, it will be hard for government to make the reform run well.

Why becomes so contentious (theory post)

Health care becomes contentious for several reasons.  First is mainly because debates between Republicans and Democrats. As I said in analysis before, Democrats and Republicans’ governed states nearly divide the country to two separated parts, which one of them will participate in Medicaid Expansion and one of them will not (expect several Republican governors, whom I told in analysis post). The second important reason that why health care issues are so contentious is because the different opinions that different people hold (they maybe different in job types, incomes they get or even in different “class”). Poor people, disabled people, young people, and small business owners…they all have their own opinions towards these issue (mostly, because of their own benefit). When their opinions, or their benefit become hard to achieve in one same system, like the new health care system, disputations will be created. For example, My roommate’s father runs a restaurant in Greensboro and his career is considered ”small business” in America. Due to the health care reform, her father needs to pay much more tax than now. She said: ”Actually current health care in North Carolina has already covered those people who are disabled, really poor and old, Obamacare is trying to cover those with low income, which are largely because they are lazy to get out to work and live with the country and State’s welfare system. Why my dad’s money, which is earned so hard by him, is going to pay those lazy people? ” I strongly disagreed what she said and told to her that:”Obamacare may cover a lot of people who don’t work, but it also cover those who work hard but still have low income and improve many aspect of current healthcare! Furthermore, it will also covered younger people who are healthier!” We fight for 30 minutes and didn’t get an answer. Even the two of us can make a relatively long time debate, it is not hard to imagine how contentious this topic could be when so many people hold different opinions.I think in order to be more conservative and gain more vote, federal government should do more inquiries like questionnaires and moderate the plan using these researches. Further more, government researchers should make these kind of researches visible for us so that more people can know where their tax going. By this way, more people will support this plan.

health care system in America compares to other parts of the world

Another point I want to mention is the comparison with other countries around the world.

In order to discuss Obamacare more objectively, we should compare the system with other health care system around the world. Howstuffwork website provides us a list of ten countries’ health care system and I summarize s follows:

Examples of insurance highly covered countries: France, Germany, Britain, Switzerland and Canada. European countries and Canada have really good health systems that cover everyone in their countries. However, these systems’ disadvantage is also obvious. In France, government pay too much on this issue so that it always has red budget. In Germany, doctors complain about being paid too little. In Canada, people have to wait a long time in order to get knees replacement. The difference between Britain and Switzerland health system is that hospitals are hold by government in Britain but are all private in Switzerland.

Examples of insurance regularly covered country: China. China had a fairly successful medical system. However, when this system dismantled, going to hospitals become expensive to people and 100 million people lost their insurance. The difference between rural and urban citizens in China also becomes a serious problem in China. Clinics in rural areas are not as good as that in urban areas and farmers don’t want to pay health insurance. When I lived in China I noticed another problem that government employees often have privilege on health insurance. However, the government decides to put a large amount of money in building health system that will cover 90% population by 2011. As a Chinese, I’ll really hope the system can be more and more perfect in China in the future.

Example of insurance poorly covered country: Russia. Russia has one of the four worst health care system in the world. It want to create a public sustem after Russia dismantled its Soviet Socialized system. However, the system is unsuccessful and underfunded even if 3.2 dollars reform project had been made in 2006. Wealth people in Russia opt for private coverage and hospitals and doctors even demand “donation” of care.